CROSSING THE FRAME is the kick off for a long desired project I hope to never see finished. This ongoing series aims to put in front of the camera the women who work behind it.   Before taking their portrait I interview each filmmaker to learn more about challenges faced in their home towns /countries and their journeys. As every single face portrayed in this series - and uncountable others - I also came to L.A. pursuing a dream. What I encountered in these past years here is a community of young female filmmakers who arrived from different parts of the world hoping to work with film and to be respected for it. Even if the aspiration is the same no two stories are. And I am interested in learning the stories of a new generation of artists who believe that in order for one woman to succeed all must be recognized. These women are a continuous source of inspiration. As a cinematographer, my biggest passion is representing through images the stories that are trusted to me. So here are the stories I really wish to portray - the tales of true Hollywood muses.

Andrea Mereles

Cinematographer, from Mexico City, Mexico

Maria Alice Arida

Director, from São Paulo, Brazil

Paula Sabbaga

Screenwriter for TV, from São Paulo, Brazil

Liv Colliander

Director, from Copenhagen, Denmark

Sinah Ober

Producer, from the Black Forest, Germany

Lorie Wallick

Production Designer, from Dallas, USA

Kalilah Robinson

Cinematographer, from Devonshire, Bermuda

Jory Anast

Screenwriter, from Buderim, Australia

Marina Moyses

Talent Manager and Producer, from São Paulo, Brazil

Maíra Correa

Producer, from Arujá, Brazil

Cindy Takehara Ferruccio

Sound Technician, from Shinjuku, Japan

Katie Avery

Director, from Seattle, USA

Favienne Howsepian

Cinematographer, from San Francisco, USA

Andrea Mereles

Cinematographer and Rental House owner, 

from São Paulo, Brazil